Keith Yablonicky, MD

Physician, Co-Owner, La Costa Director

Keith was raised in New Jersey and has had a life long passion for medicine.  After graduating from Boston College with a degree in biology he went on to study medicine at Loyola University of Chicago on a Naval scholarship.  Subsequently, he completed his internship at Naval Medical Center San Diego.  Dr. Yablonicky then spent the next five years proudly serving as a physician in the United States Navy.

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Dr. Yablonicky served on both coasts mainly working as a Navy Flight Surgeon.  His service included one wartime deployment to Iraq.  After completing his Iraq tour, Dr. Yablonicky spend 3 years completing his emergency residency at the famed Los Angeles County + University of Southern California hospital.

Since completing residency and for over 10 years, he has proudly continued to serve the southern California community in the emergency department, urgent care, and through the exciting field of wellness/aesthetic medicine.

Greg Moreno, MD

Owner, Founder

Greg Moreno, MD, is a board-certified emergency physician with 16 years of professional experience. Dr. Moreno is proud to serve the community of San Clemente, California, at MEDHERO™ Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center, specializing in wellness and urgent care.

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Dr. Moreno’s passion for science and medicine began at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, where he studied biology. After graduating in 1995, he enrolled in Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles.

Emergency medicine has always been a top priority for Dr. Moreno, who understands the dedication it takes to care for patients with life-threatening conditions such as heart attack, drug overdose, or massive bleeding. After graduating from medical school in 2003, he became an emergency medicine resident at LA County+USC Trauma Center in Los Angeles, where he further learned how to treat and care for patients in emergency situations.

Dr. Moreno is the founder and medical director of MEDHERO Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center. He launched the practice in 2015 because he knew that the people in San Clemente and its surrounding communities deserved to be treated in a multispecialty environment, one that provides emergency and urgent care, telemedicine, wellness services, and aesthetic procedures such as neurotoxins and SculpSure®.

Genevieve Redondo


Born in San Francisco, Genevieve spent her youth between metropolitan Los Angeles and earthy Sonoma County. In 2008, she moved to sunny San Diego with her two wonderful girls and soon after started her Bachelors of Science in Nursing which rekindled her passion for skin science. She moved on to complete the Master of Aesthetics program from Bellus Academy focusing on oncology esthetics and completing the CIDESCO diploma, the highest credential in the skin care industry and world standard for beauty and spa therapy.

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Growing up, she had cystic acne as a teenager which was incredibly difficult at a time when appearance feels so important. After seeing an esthetician for the first time in her twenties, she was taught all about proper skin care and how much diet can directly affects skin, she then learned how to heal her skin and began researching and developing her own techniques to dramatically repair skin.

Genevieve’s severe skin issues resurfaced again while working in the emergency room and studying for her nursing degree. Then it hit her and she remembered the excitement and passion she had for treating skin. Two days later, she changed her degree focus from Nursing to Aesthetics, and she’s never been happier.

Seeing the change in her client’s skin and the level of happiness it brings to their lives is truly one of the most rewarding experiences she’s had in her professional career.

She’s always had a gift for healing others, which is why she gravitated toward the medical field. During her career as an aesthetician, she’s been able to help her teenage daughter clear up her acne, heal her own skin, and bring much needed relief to her oncology clients. Every day she knows she’s in the right profession, being able to share her knowledge of skin and talents to heal to help make a difference.

Outside of work, Genevieve enjoys performing on a salsa dance team and listening to a variety of music. She enjoys nature and finding peace through meditation.

She is a proud mother of two wonderful daughters Trinity and Olivia and a spunky little chihuahua named Tia.

Genevieve is passionate about being of service in her community. One project dearest to her heart is to serve as an ambassador and speaker on behalf of the Library Foundation to promote awareness of their educational programs.

Meredith Long

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Cristen Guitar

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Lisa Dean

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