Thanks to the science behind filler and neurotoxin injections, you can resolve all of those imperfections that make you feel uncomfortable while enhancing your natural beauty. With the help of Keith Yablonicky MD, you can get started on personalized treatments at MEDHERO™ Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center. Find out if neurotoxins and/or fillers are right for you by booking a consultation directly through the Online Scheduler. You can also Call for a Consultation.

What do fillers do?

Neurotoxins and dermal fillers are clinical-grade injectables designed to combat the effects of aging. They each work a little differently and are used together or separately.

When neurotoxins are injected, the purified botulinum toxins interact with specific brain signals that cause muscles to twitch and contract, like when you smile or frown. This interruption in cell signaling forces muscles to relax so skin can’t wrinkle and fold. The neurotoxin is only designed to be injected into certain muscles, so surrounding muscles act normally for natural results.

Derma fillers are made of gel-like substances that often contain hyaluronic acid. As the gel restores volume and fills in gaps and creases, hyaluronic acid quickly bonds with water molecules. This results in natural-looking and feeling volume, in addition to nutrient delivery for enhanced cell functioning. As hyaluronic acid gradually absorbs, it stimulates new collagen production.

Which areas can be treated?

At MEDHERO Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center, your entire service is tailored to you and any specific concerns you have. Some of the top-requested treatment areas include:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines and creases
  • Frown lines between your eyebrows
  • Smile lines, including smoker’s lines and parentheses lines

You can even get a filler service to plump and contour your lips, cheeks, and jawline. Neurotoxin & derma filler treatments are quick and can often be completed during your lunch break.

When will I have results?

The beauty of fillers/neurotoxins is that they provide a superior liquid face-lift effect with almost immediate results. You may have some minor swelling and redness that last for about 24-48 hours. But once these initial side effects subside, you should see the benefits right away.

Neurotoxin injections tend to last up to four months, while derma fillers provide added volume for 12-24 months depending on the type you select. Once you notice that your treatment is wearing off, it’s perfectly safe to come back for another treatment.

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Individual results may vary.